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Products Carried by Tagtime Supply

We carry a large variety of products aimed at businesses in a number of industries, including construction, manufacturing, HVAC, road contractors, shipping and logistics, churches, municipalities, maintenance and underground utilities.  We take care to stock products by well-known brands that have a reputation for quality and value.

Some of the manufacturers we represent are listed below.

  • Klein tools
  • McGuire Nicholas
  • Malco
  • Apex Tool Group – Crescent, Wiss, Lufkin, Nicholson, H. K. Porter and Plumb
  • Qualtool
  • Diversified Brands – Krylon, Sprayon, White Lighting
  • Quest/Vapco
  • Jet-lube
  • WD-40
  • ERB Safety
  • Global Glove
  • Liberty Glove
  • Gateway Safety
  • Pyramex
  • Disston
  • Pferd
  • C H Hanson
  • Dixon Ticonderoga
  • Guardian Fall Protection
  • ISM  (International Staple Machine)


Building Materials

We have materials for projects of all sizes.  Need nails or screws?  We have a variety of lengths and sizes.  We also carry anchors, bolts, nuts and washers, barricade and silt fencing, caulking, poly sheeting, tie wire, #9 wire.


Paints and Lubricants

Tagtime Supply has been expanding its spray paints and lubricants section over the past year.  We’ve got a wide variety of different colors in both spray and marking paints.  We also have everything you need to start painting: brushes, rollers and covers, trays, buckets, stamps, stencils, tape and more.

We carry multipurpose, lithium and moly grease in cartridges and gallons. We also have oils and lubricants including motor and diesel, hydraulic and 2-cycle oil.



In our safety section, we have those items necessary to protect you and your workers from injury.  This includes safety glasses, hard hats, dusk masks, hearing protection and safety vests.  We can also have your hard hats and safety vests customized with your name and logo.

We carry a full line fall protection including harnesses, lanyards and lifelines.  Don’t go to the construction site unprotected—be certain you have the proper safety equipment.



If your business does a lot of shipping, it only makes sense to purchase shipping supplies in large quantities.  We can fulfill bulk orders of bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape and staples.  We have poly and steel banding for palletizing along with pallet covers for protection.

We carry most size boxes, and a variety of envelopes including, packing slips and bubble envelopes.  We can also provide you with Ziploc bags for smaller packaging needs.


Tools, Blades, and Bits

If your saw has broken a blade or you need some new bits for your drill, Tagtime Supply has you covered.  We have blades and bits for most major brands in a variety of sizes.  We also carry hand and power tools along with the accessories.


Shop Supplies

All office and warehouse have basic supplies: cups, water coolers, paper towels, toilet tissue, and cleaning supplies.  We can also offer brooms, mops, floor sweep, oil absorbent and other supplies to keep your warehouse clean and safe.


Lifting and Lifting Accessories

We sell chain and lever hoists, nylon slings, wire rope chokers as well as the shackles, and chain —we’ve got everything you need to lift or suspend materials.


Signs, Labels, and Tags

Labeling items, especially hazardous and dangerous items are important.  We can supply you with safety signs, labels, stickers and tags so that your employees and customers are kept safe.


Miscellaneous Items

We’ve got a wide variety of other products you may need to run your business or for projects of all sizes, like rags, safety cans and cabinets, fire extinguishers, buckets and rope, etc.


Call Us Today!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, give us a call.  We’ll go through our inventory and find exactly what you need.  281-741-5872